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View the book's information flyer here and online book metrics here.

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Now available in paperback (£19.99) or ebook (£15.99). Read reviews from Johanna L. Waters, Melanie Tebbutt, Children's Geographies, and History of Education here.


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I have published a number of book reviews in The AAG Review of Books (Dixon); Social and Cultural Geography (Kraftl, Horton and Tucker); Journal of Historical Geography (Robinson & Sleight; Lupkin); Children's Geographies (Smith, Stanton and Wylie); Gender, Place & Culture (Lee); Space & Polity (Pain & Smith); City (Hornsey); and Contemporary British History (Tebbutt).


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The majority of journal articles listed here are available open-access via this institutional repository or ResearchGate. I would be happy to send copies of publications either electronically or in hard copy if you cannot access them via institutional subscriptions.

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